• Widely uses in manufacturers for highly production throughput.
  • Production throughput: 200-350kg/h (for a high throughput,the water content of the steel materials needs to be under 19%)
  • Briquette size: 80-90mm

Recommended materials


  • Oil cooling: Optional feature for multi-shift operation for long operating time
  • PLC control: Manual control for unblocking; International standard parts
  • Hydraulics with separated oil tank: Temperature controlled hydraulic system; Pump designed for long operating time
  • Briquette length control: Designed for consistent briquette sizing
  • Pressing chamber insert: Prevents wear in pressing zone
  • Hopper: With agitator and screw auger; Higher buffer capacity

The modular design of the TH Vario plus series allows exact adaptation to suit your existing premises or production conditions. Nearly every individual solution can be achieved, e.g.: Duo, trio or quattro designs to increase throughput rates and availability of the machine. A comprehensive range of accessories is available for your TH Vario solution. It should be noted that the performance specifications of the presses and hydraulic systems have been tuned to each other.

Models TH 800 X TH 800 S TH 900 S
Briquette diameter (mm) 80 80 90
Throughput rate (kg/h) 200 250 350
Hydraulic motor (kW) 11 22 22
Hydraulic oil charge (l) 250 600 600
Weight (approx. kg) 2,000  2,500 3,000
Machine size (mm)  (L x W x H) Refer to the actual product. Refer to the actual product. Refer to the actual product.