• Applied Material:Commercial Waste
  • Applied Area:Waste Recycling Industry
  • Modular System Operation
  • Throughput up to 320 m³ / h
  • Light plastics and label paper are perfectly separated.
  • Purity levels of more than 99 % can be achieved
  • High-speed conveyor belt with a velocity of up to 4 m/s
  • Very precise foil separation without PET-loss

Westeria® technicians and engineers have developed a machine that can be easily integrated into windsifter equipment in existing plants. The material is conveyed to the AirLift with 4m/s design to reach almost the same output size. When processing PET bottles, AirLift demonstrates the ability to completely separate lightweight plastics and label paper. When sorting materials with similar density, AirLift will be the first choice.

Technical Data